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11. Handball-EC 2016 in Berlin SRB-ITA
17. Mai 2016
Italy drops out after disaster against Serbia The Italians’ comeback after eight years of EC abstinence didn’t last very long. On day two after a second crushing defeat against a team from the Balkans the tournament is over for Roberto Ciani’s boys. His team lost against Serbia 12:36 (5:16). Video-Highlights: While Serbia played their first match against Italy the South Europeans already stood with their backs to the wall. Another defeat after the 12:32 against Croatia would mean the end of the tournament. But in spite of the looming drop out the Azzurri fought bravely against the favoured team from the Balkans and scored the first goal. The Serbians showed slight starting problems and lost against goalkeeper Giuseppe Cirrone repeatedly. But the Serbian team acclimatised better and better in the course of the match. The turn-over in the lead to a five goal difference (7:2) were the logical consequence. Resounding in the front and safe in the back. First and foremost Bozidar Nikolic drove the Italians to despair. At half-time the favourites already led 16:5. In the second half the boys from the Balkans were also dominant while the Italians accepted their fate. The defeat in the end was even more devastating than against Croatia. A fact that is not unimportant since for Serbia a tie against their neighbouring country would be sufficient for place one in group B. Goals Serbia:
Barisic 4, Dordevic 2, Nikolic 10, Micanovic 4, Durakovic 5, Radojevic 5, Tutic 2, M. Tomicevic 3, D. Tomicevic 1 Goals Italy:
Ciani 4, Di Martino 2, Ponzo 4, Carta 2,
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11. Handball-EC 2016 in Berlin DEN-RUS
17. Mai 2016
Russia performs a walkover against Denmark Beware of the team of head coach Ivan Belyaev in this European championship. Against Denmark the Russians showed an almost flawless performance and collected an unimperiled 32:19 (17:10) victory. Best scorer of the Russian Federation was Murat Chomaev again with 11 goals. Video-Highlights The Russians took the better start into the match. The late equalization that cost them the victory the day before left the players unfazed. After 15 minutes Roman Storozhev scored the 8:5 for his team and forced the Danes to take their first time-out. Still the Scandinavians couldn’t improve their game-play. The Russian defence played aggressively and agile like they did against Germany which led to many turnovers for the Danes. Russia always reacted quickly and scored one counter-goal after the other. At half-time the lead had increased to 17:10. In their first match the Danes had proved that they can turn a game around after a weak half-time even though in the end it resulted in a tie. After 30 minutes they were 9:12 behind and still had a 4 goal lead in between. Unfortunately Louise Karup’s team didn’t manage a similarly energetic performance against Russia. The East Europeans continued to make use of their superior height. Whenever the Danes scored a simple goal, the Russians countered with a quick centre. In consequence the lead kept growing to an end result of 32:19. Thus the Russian deaf national team is an almost certain candidate for the semi-finals just like Germany. Goals Denmark:
Trillingsgaard 5, Löwig 7, Damholt 1, Jensen 4, Kleczewski 2 Goals Russia:
Dremkov 6, Skafar 3, Digurov 3, Storozhev 4, Chomaev 11, Maluev 4, Kitaev 1
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11. Handball-EM 2016 in Berlin TUR-GER
17. Mai 2016
Germany celebrates first victory In the first half the German team plays outstanding defence. Even the Turkish star Mustafa Ozbay hardly finds a way to overcome goalie Hendrik Mitschke and his vanguard. The 12:6 half-time lead is foundation for the 24:20 end result. Video Highlights The initial position before the beginning of the match was clear. The winner is on the path to the semi-finals, the loser might drop out of the tournament. Both teams’ motivation was equally high; still there was not much that actually worked out. Lots of technical mistakes and foul-play in the offensive led to only six goals in the first twelve minutes of the match: four for Germany and two for Turkey. Shortly afterwards Sebastian Klein almost scored the goal of the tournament. Unfortunately the referees’ decision said otherwise: his Kempa-trick was considered a step-violation. But the Turks didn’t do any better. Apart from Murat Ozbay they couldn’t get through and when even the No. 18 failed a penalty throw in front of Hendrik Mitschke whose performance was outstanding again, the Turks continuously failed to score for more than ten minutes. The DGS-team used the opportunity to add to their lead. Sebastian Klein scored to 9:3. The 6 goals lead lasted till half-time. A similar scenario happened in the second half: Turkey kept trying hard with Ozbay. He did score 14 goals altogether but without playing effectively. On the other side Germany played patiently until they found a gap. But Wolfgang Koch’s team also was low on the scale of using chances. 10 minutes before the end of the match the Turks had caught up to a three goal difference. But that was it. Sönke Petersen kept his calm for the penalty throw and steered the German team back to the street of victory. The 24:20 win has pushed the gate to the minimum goal, semi-final, wide open. For the last group match against Denmark a tie would be sufficient for the DGS-team to enter the round of last four. Goals Turkey:
Ozcelik 2, Kizilkaya 1, Denil 1, Gozel 2, Ozbay 14 Goals Germany:
Lauckner 2, Kinnback 2, Petersen 4, Schaknies 2, Werling 3, Klein 10, Keßler 1 Yours sincerely
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